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Events and Projects

At PMTC we are self motivated towards enriching students with word class knowledge. Our academic activities like seminars, symposiums, workshops, conferences, competitions play a leading role in developing students to compete even with first world countries. PMTC is dedicated towards organizing such events time to time.



Looking to the competitive attitude of students, we organize an intercollegiate cultural festival entitled “Manthan”. This event comprises of activities in the categories of Dance, Music, Ramp and Skit. The Inter-collegiate dance competition and Ramp Show are two of the biggest and fiercely contested events. This inter college fest always attract an overwhelming response from other colleges above our expectation. The idea is to provide a platform to the students so they can showcase their innovations, talent and be able to project it.







An inter college event hosted by the college is “Avishkar - Nayi Khoj”. The event is organized keeping in mind the various talents and the desire to express them. It extends over four days and compiles various categories. The integral and intellectual part of the event includes Model Exhibition with a big win - cash prizes to the participants. The musical events include a wide range of solo and group events. The fest also includes a comprehensive set of artistic events extending from Cartoon Sketching to Rangoli Design and Face painting to T-Shirt Designing. The creative event such as “”Pen it Down” and “Pixels Competition” for the dramatically-inclined, street play “Nukkad natak”, RJ Hunt event are major crowd-pullers. The other events recently introduced and showed immense participation are Chef-on-Demand and Just-a-minute (JAM)





We organize an intercollegiate management week every year that inculcates innovative themes and activities to give environmental and business exposure to the students of our college. We firmly believe in providing a highly competitive platform where students of our institution interact and compete with students of other institutions to prove their talent and perform in a way to develop themselves for a world class business environment.


Our expert faculties ensure they achieve the motive of the show and bring in the best fit speakers/guides as the jury for various activities conducted over a span of 4 days.



Infuse is a two day intercollegiate event providing a platform full of creativity and innovation to students of the city. Hundreds of students participate in the event with a view to show their talents in various events like Logo making competition, Wall Painting, Documentary Making, Short Film Creation, etc. It has always been a huge success of this festival of creativity as students participation is creative learning in nature with outstanding performances.




Speakers at “The Quest” were:

Sr. No. Speaker Designation Topic of Delivery
1 Mr. B.K. Sharma Founder Director, Ayu Hina Entrepreneurship
2 Dr. Anil Mehta Professor, University of Rajasthan Management Skills
3 Mr. Hitesh Gupta Director, I4 Case Solving
4 Mr. Ashish Mishra Project Head, Activant Solutions Decision Making
5 Dr. N.D. Mathur Professor, University of Rajasthan Business Exposure & Creativity
6 Mr. Hemant Bhati Director, Genuin Media Innovation
7 Mr. Diwakar Acharya Director, Pudiya Advertising Innovation & Creativity in Business Issues


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In the competitive scenario today, only competing and outstanding management professionals are in demand for corporate houses. Keeping the same in mind, we also conduct various in-house open competitions for the students where they participate so as to develop class of management and other required skills.

Activities Brief Descripiton
'Investopedia' A chance to invest in real time securities market on a virtual platform
'Pick and Speak' An extempore session to judge quick thinking & presentation skills
'Sales Pitch Competition' A competition to judge the most sought after skills of a management graduate
'Turn the Coin' An extempore with a twist: argue pros and cons of the same topic in a given time
'Debate Competition' The time-tested activity to enhance the analytical skills & communication skills of the students
'Ad-Mad Show' A brief window to let the students create their own advertisements for a given product and category
'Elevator Pitch Presentation' Students are required to pitch the given product to a client in a very short span of time
'Debate Competition' The time-tested activity to enhance the analytical skills & communication skills of the students


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