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Poddar Management and Technical Campus organized various seminars to make its students aware of latest management skills and practices. Industry experts and academicians from reputed business schools and institutions visit the college and conducts seminars for students. 


National Seminar on Leadership in Modern Context

MBA students attended Seminar on ‘Leadership in Modern Context’ organized by Poddar Management and Technical Campus on 04.09.2019. Dr. Rajan Handa, Professor & Dean – School of Management Studies, Jodhpur was the keynote speaker at the session.  He spoke on Leadership using the context of Bhagvad Gita and Ramayana to highlight best practices in Management.
Illustrating ideas and stories from our history and mythology, Dr. Handa discussed practice of Leadership and Management in modern corporate context.

Some Glimpses

Guest Lecture 1Guest Lecture 2
Guest Lecture 3Guest Lecture 4