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Student Development Programs

Student Development Program

Fortune Institute of International Business

Poddar Management and Technical Campus organized one week (14 Oct 2019 to 19 Oct 2019) Business Training Program at FIIB, Delhi. This Program was for MBA Ist Year Students. The  Key learning points were:

  • The expert’s emphasized that business ethics has a huge impact on individual as well in term of legal perspective in the corporate world. They also stressed that employability skills also play an important role in corporate sectors.
  • The marketing mantras of business are:
  1. a) Marketers have a crucial role in the market as a manufacturer, distributor and retailer to acquire and retain customers. Consumers are the king of the market and marketer has to make available the things depending on the choice and convenience of the consumer.
  2. b) The various types of media/channels can be used in marketing strategies.
  • Students learned the techniques to solve case studies
  • They gained an understanding of developing business plans which can be beneficial for the societal aspects.
  • Students also learned about business simulation with practical knowledge and awareness of MS Excel and MS PowerPoint and use of the software Tableau.

The program was successful and fruitful for students.