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Paid Internships / Pre-Placement Offers


Summer Internship

Students at Poddar are always encouraged to go for their Summer Internship to address the practical exposure. The internship is added as a part of our curriculum, which has an adequate weightage in the evaluation process too. Therefore, we always support and assist our students in the Internship program. It provides a huge platform to gain practical experience in their respective field, beyond textbooks and theoretical knowledge.

The objectives of the Summer Internship include:

  • To provide students with the opportunities to apply classroom theoretical concepts to real-life situations
  • To enhance their skills and provide hands-on experience in their field
  • Assigning them time-bound projects to understand the job role with the importance of time management
  • To provide a network to connect with people for future prospects

Paid Internships/Pre-placements

Katyayini mathurMBA (2021)Tax2Win
Kritika SharmaMBA (2021)AU Small Finance Bank
Reena sharmaMBA (2021)Tax2Win
Ritu BhalaMBA (2021)Eternal Third eye
Kritika Sharma MBA (2021)Tenhard
Shubhangi AgrawalMBA (2021)Tenhard
Anubhavi UpadhyayMBA (2022)Tenhard
Tripti JhanwarMBA (2021)Chawla Publication
Megha SharmaMBA (2021)Chawla Publication
Anushka JainMBA (2021)Chawla Publication
Harshita SardaMBA (2021)Chawla Publication
Anubhavi UpadhyayMBA (2021)Chawla Publication
Kirti Kandoi,MBA (2021)Sriram Insurance
Riya SainiMBA (2021)Sriram Insurance
Shubhangi AgrawalMBA (2021)Sriram Insurance
ShiwaniMBA (2021)Sriram Insurance
Ritu BhalaMBA (2021)Sriram Insurance
Megha vermaMBA (2021)Sriram Insurance
Nikhil dixitMBA (2021)Sriram Insurance
Nishu JainMBA (2021)KRG Strategy Consultants Pvt. Ltd
Ritu BhalaMBA (2021)Lancers Counsel
Shiwanu bhardwajMBA (2021)Lancers Counsel
Gajesh KumawatMBA (2022)ONIVO EDUTECH
Rahul Sahrma B.Sc (2021)Tenhard
Tanisha MittalBCA (2021)Tenhard
Prince SakariaBCA (2022)Tenhard